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Frequently Asked Questions


We carefully source ingredients that are organic, biodynamic and wild harvested where ethically possible. Our plant essences are sourced globally, direct from the grower and through trusted suppliers we have built relationships with over the course of 30 years. It is necessary to tune into the key factors that determine purity and quality: how the plant was grown, the harvesting, the distillation, the lack of adulteration, the bottling process and the intention. 

We are dedicated to creating products that are free from synthetic colours, mineral oils, silicones, parabens, sulfates, sulfate detergents, phthalates, polyethelene glycols (PEGs), petrochemicals, polypropelene glycols, urea, poloxamers, formaldehyde, elastomers, nylon, ethanolamines (DEA & TEA), palm oil, GMOs and synthetic fragrance, giving the products the benefit of being genuinely natural and non-toxic.

We create natural formulations that are free from synthetic preservatives. Our products, the Botanical Elixirs and Botanical Masques, are naturally free from ALL preservatives as they are waterless.


We are pleased to say that all VASARA skincare products are gluten-free and vegan.

We are proud to state that we never have and never will undertake animal testing on our products. When choosing our ingredients we connect with ethical suppliers who operate with the same values. We create our formulations to realise the full potential of the relationship of the ingredients to each other as well as the relationship between the product and the environment. This includes the respect and care of animals. At VASARA, during product development we responsibly and safely test on ourselves.

At any stage in our life we can experience skin imbalances due to environmental pollution, medication, travel, changes of seasons, inflammation and other health conditions, diet and stress. We accept these challenges as part of the natural rhythm of life and instead of focussing on individual skin ailments, we place our loving attention on ways in which we can create holistic balance and in turn support skin health. VASARA products seamlessly integrate with our skin, all products are gentle enough for all conditions yet intelligent enough to work with our bodies to reawaken our inner healing mechanisms.

Please refer to the full ingredient lists detailed with each of our products on our website. Our Clarity Botanical Elixir contains Hazelnut Oil which may affect users with a nut allergy. If you have allergy concerns we recommend that you follow the advice of your medical practitioner.

For those experiencing acne, blemishes and break outs, the idea of applying oil may feel counter-intuitive. During times of imbalance, the sebaceous glands can be stimulated to produce more oil if the skin is signalling that it is dry. This may be through the use of soap-based cleansers, alcohol toners and harsh oil-free acne treatments which strip the skin of natural oils. VASARA products feed the skin authentic essential and active plant oils which are easily recognisable by the body and fine enough to penetrate deep within the skin's cells to restore equilibrium. The essential oils, anti bacterial in nature, assist in protecting the surface from further infection and the essence helps uplift the emotions. Lightweight and silky in feel, oils absorb easily providing deep nourishment, easing the appearance of scars and wrinkles and soothing inflammation along the way.

All VASARA products are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, however if you have any concerns about using any product or ingredient while pregnant or breastfeeding, we encourage you to discuss it with your medical practitioner.

If you are using VASARA products for the first time and you have concerns regarding sensitivity, we recommend a patch test: apply a small amount to the inside of the arm (near inside elbow), and allow 24 hours to assess. In the unlikely event that you experience an adverse reaction, please discontinue use immediately and if required, consult your medical practitioner. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback.

Experiencing VASARA skincare is a love story that we hope you will share. If for any reason the product has not met your expectations please contact us within 30 days of delivery. 


We recommend using products within 6-12 months of opening for optimal freshness. 

We recommend you keep your products in a cool space away from direct light, or in the refrigerator for optimal freshness.

Minor variations may occur in batch colour intensity, viscosity and fragrance. This is due to the naturally occurring seasonal variations in product ingredients. All VASARA products are hand blended in micro batches with the understanding that the natural environment is forever changing. We are never guaranteed to obtain identical ingredients from season to season and we take pleasure in discovering what the new season offers. 


Yes, we offer global shipping.  Please note, VASARA is not responsible for any delays incurred due to international customs issues, nor additional duties or taxes your country may require. Please familiarise yourself with your local import policies prior to ordering. Our products are shipped from Perth, Western Australia.

We finish our products in Miron violet glass packaging that is known to deliver optimal protection against the ageing processes of natural ingredients. This ensures the longevity and potency of our products. We encourage you to re-use the beautiful glass bottles and jars. Alternatively, all parts may be recycled.

Please allow 1-4 days for us to process your order and an additional 1-4 days for domestic shipping within Australia. We always work to ship your item as quickly as possible, however expect some delay during special events and promotions. Our products are handcrafted in micro-batches and lovingly packaged in Western Australia. Products are shipped by Australia Post mail service in a recyclable box. Please provide your email address to receive tracking notifications, especially in the case of international orders.