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About Us

Throughout history and across cultures there are beautiful examples of women collectively participating in the art of self-care. Traditions from ancient India, Africa and Europe where women learn from and care for one another have directly influenced and inspired the birthing of our brand. In our own way we wish to continue this tradition and carry on our own legacy. What does it mean to age gracefully? Our needs change as we move through different phases of our lives as women and we believe our self-care practices, good nutrition and self love all pay dividends in the long run. We are passionate about organic skincare education; teaching women the skills to look after themselves and inspiring them to respect their bodies and to embrace their age, just as generations have done before us. Age is a gift. Being a woman is a gift.

VASARA is the result of a beautiful collaboration between sisters - the artistic expression of our work in oils and healing touch. This is our opportunity to share our skincare, knowledge and massage therapies to help our clients achieve not only healthy, glowing skin but a healthy mind and body also. In a world where stress is at an all-time high, our aim is to help release layers of tension and move towards revealing our true beauty and connectedness.